Easing of Lockdown

Easing of Lockdown restrictions at St Mary’s Ecclesfield from 19th July 2021:


Visitors to St Mary’s are asked to continue sanitising hands on entering & leaving Church, and when using the toilet;


Wearing face masks is recommended, especially when moving around;


There is no requirement for social distancing, but those who wish to can collect a card to place next to them in the pew and we ask all visitors to respect this;


Masks can be removed to sing hymns, but please sit while singing to reduce the risk of spreading infection;


The peace is to be exchanged verbally, not by shaking hands;


Communion will be in one kind (the consecrated wafer) only until further notice; please stand at the altar rail to consume the consecrated wafer before returning to your seat;


We hope to re-introduce Tea and Coffee after the service when the Church Coffee Shop re-opens in August;


Hymn Books and Service booklets can be used again, but sides-people will not be on duty - please collect books on the way in and return them after the service;


Doors will remain open during the service to keep the church well ventilated


By far the biggest risk comes when people congregate before and after the service, please make sure that access to the exits are not blocked.



Thank you for your co-operation,


God bless,